Our cakes are lovingly baked with quality ingredients, torted to perfection and decorated with the up most attention to detail.

Buttercream Cake Flavours

All our cakes are torted with amazing flavours and then frosted in our modern Vanilla Bean Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

Very Vanilla Bean

All time classic Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Bean buttercream 

Salted Caramel Creme

Vanilla cake torted with a Sea Salt Flake and Creamy Caramel Buttercream layers 

Chocolate Infinity

For the chocolate lover, dark chocolate cake with deliciously dark chocolate buttercream layers

Cookie Monster

Moist dark chocolate cake with Oreo crush layers and vanilla bean buttercream

Strawberry Sensation

Light Vanilla cake with a pretty pink strawberry and vanilla bean buttercream and soft marshmallow chunks

Raspberry Flutter

Light vanilla cake layered with our delicious french raspberry preserves , crushed meringues and vanilla bean buttercream - our most popular flavour

Old Fashioned Lemonade

Light lemon and vanilla cake layered with our zesty lemon curd and vanilla bean buttercream

Nuts about Nutella 

Dark and moist chocolate cake layered with a decadently smooth hazelnut buttercream 

Red Velvet Seduction 

Bright Red Velvet cake torted with our delicious vanilla bean buttercream 

Floral Fantasy

Our light vanilla cake lightly syruped with orange blossom floral water, and layered with orange zested and vanilla bean buttercream

Matcha Made in Heaven

Light vanilla cake torted with our matcha green tea buttercream

Fondant Cake Flavours

Our fondant cakes are layered with deliciously smooth creamy ganache using high quality chocolate.

Vanilla Dream

Vanilla cake frosted with s rich vanilla white chocolate ganache

Strawberry Kisses

Light Vanilla cake frosted with our strawberries and cream ganache

White Chocolate Mocha

Velvety vanilla cake torted with a smooth coffee and white chocolate ganache

Raspberry Love

Moist coconut cake frosted with our deliciously smooth raspberry and white chocolate ganache

Lost in Paradise

Velvety coconut cake torted with a passionfruit and mango ganache - our signature and most popular flavour 

Lemon Layer Cake

Light lemony vanilla cake layered with our richly lemon and lime scented white chocolate ganache

Craving for Caramel

Dark chocolate mud cake with our creamy caramel and white chocolate ganache


​Midnight Munchies

Dark chocolate mud cake torted with our deliciously smooth hazelnut ganache

Ruby Red Velvet 

Red velvet cake frosted with vanilla white chocolate ganache

Dark Decadence 

Dark chocolate mud cake frosted with dark chocolate ganache

Other Desserts

Boxed/Bag Favours - Cookies, chocolate shards, cupcakes, chocolate gems, can also provide personalised tags/ribbons. 

Stunningly Decorated Cupcakes 

Beautifully Decorated Cookies

Delicious Mini Cakes 

Macarons & Macaron Towers

Donuts & Donut Towers

Choc Dipped Strawberries & Strawberry Towers

We also provide floristry and event styling services.